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About Beth Secor

A resident artist in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, Beth Secor has been painting most of her life. She grew up on a farm in Monkton, Maryland with good horses, loyal dogs and fun people. They all shine through in her art, which is often focused on horses, hounds, foxes and the countryside. As a child, she learned to paint furniture and her mother often presented landowners and farmers with Beth's art in appreciation for foxhunting on their land. Lucky enough to balance painting and horses, she rides regularly and brings an experienced eye to any art project.

Beth trained at the Maryland Institute of Art and studied under many artists. She apprenticed under renowned English sporting artist Michael Lyne in Gloucester, England. She still attends classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Her work has been featured in galleries and houses throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

Because of her background, animals play a big part in Beth Secor's work. She loves doing animal portraits and takes pride in capturing their distinct personalities and spirits. Her custom furniture projects practically speak out loud, thanks to their originality and ingenuity. With depth and color, her custom murals bring new life to old spaces.

Regardless of the finished product – a chair, a trunk, a traditional portrait, a wall-sized mural – Beth Secor's art becomes your art through vivid color, original style, personality and life. Beth's paintings, furniture and murals, done primarily in oils and mixed media, spring to life with their unique voice and original flair.

When not painting, Beth keeps her soul and her schedule full by teaching art to children, fox hunting with Mr. Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds and going out on cross-country rides.

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