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Beth Secor's Teaching Philosophy

Beth's Art Class strikes the perfect balance between hard work and play. She teaches the kids how to see and draw from life, using the beautiful countryside and wildlife around her studio as the classroom. Children work in all mediums: drawing, painting, working with furniture, sculpture and collage.

In her own words:

"We paint OUTDOORS and have a ball! We run around and then take our chairs, get situated and paint what we see (most likely a landscape with an animal in it) with a dab of IMAGINATION!"

"I feel it is very important to have good MANNERS and be gentle to all in the art studio. My students greet me each day with a handshake and a direct look at my eyes. I teach them that is how we RESPECT each other."

"My goal is for kids to take PRIDE in their work! I try to keep kids INSPIRED! Art is an ADVENTURE!"

"I like to enhance a mistake.. you can turn it around into a MASTERPIECE! There are no mistakes, only good learning experiences. It makes art fun and exciting, to look at something in a whole new light and then JUST DO IT!"

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