African Placemats

My African placemats came so naturally. Covid was full tilt. I love traveling to Africa, I feel totally connected to the universe, while sketching, it is an escape from reality to magical realism. With an intuitive understanding of animals, I love to express the regalness and playfulness, and the balance of life I get from the animals. I pulled all my sketches out from my 2 trips to Africa, turned the music up and let my passion and drive run into creating my African placemats. Of course it was fun! Get all 6 placemats at a discount.

Eventing Placemats

Then came Eventing, my home town is a true hot spot for talented riders and horsemen that the horses reveal. I started sketching everyday from life. They synergy I would see with the connection of horse and rider fueled my ingenuity, my deep love for horses and comes out on paper. I could trust my eyes, heart and imagination and I did.

Fox Hunting Placemats

My art has always been my escape into my imagination where I feel I can make a difference, and turn my reality into joy. I grew up fox hunting, and love all that it feeds me—community, adventure, connection to horses, speed, being out in nature, tradition, romance and magical experiences. Covid was reining us all in. I wanted to make a difference and sprinkle joy into these times thru my art. My fox hunting mats took on a life of their own. I had so much fun doing these!